Life Jackets for Small Dogs Like the Pomeranian

Is your Pomeranian just learning to swim or you are taking your Pomeranian out on your boat? If so, you should talk to your vet about a doggie life jacket. Dog life jackets are typically sold at pet stores and water sporting goods stores. Depending on where you live or where you take your boat out, there may be a law in place that states your Pomeranian must be in a life jacket to ride in the boat. Call your vet to find out as he may know the rules for your particular region. There are a variety of life jacket options available for Pomeranians. Some jackets are merely vests designed to keep your Pomeranian afloat should he fall from the boat. Other jackets or floating coats, as they’re often called, are designed to help your Pomeranian swim and float in the water. Consult with our vet Acupuncture about the right fit for your pup. Read more here.


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