Self-Grooming in Cats

Self-grooming is essential in a cat’s life. Cats learn to self-groom at a young age and spend most of their day as adults grooming themselves for various reasons. Cats clean themselves by licking their fur, which keeps their coat free from dust and dirt. Licking stimulates skin oil reproduction, which helps keep their coats shiny, soft, and healthy. Self-grooming is not only about a cat’s physical appearance but is also an indication of a cat’s overall health. Some cats unable to groom themselves have an unkempt appearance, such as those in old age, overweight, suffering from joint pains, or have skin infections. Cats clean themselves because it cools them down as their saliva helps reduce body heat, especially during hot days. Grooming is also cats’ way to bond with each other. Cats usually rely on other cats to groom certain parts of their body that are difficult to reach.

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