Drinking Toilet Water Can Be Harmful To Your Pet

If your pet dog or cat has a habit of taking a drink of water from the bathroom toilet bowl, you need to take steps to halt this or your pet may get sick. Toilet bowls are breeding grounds for bacteria that could make your dog or cat sick. One more thing is that if your pets take in water from the bathroom toilet, it exposes them to dangerous chemical residues that disinfectants and cleaners you use in your toilet could leave behind. If your pets continue to use the toilet water for drinking and you smell something foul from their breath, it could be caused by them taking in trace substances in that toilet.

The behavior of your pet can be linked to the possibility that toilet water seems very accessible and feels cool. Keep the toilet bowl lid closed to discourage the behavior, or perhaps even eliminate it altogether by keeping the bathroom entrance door always closed. Also, keep a number of water dishes in areas throughout your home that are strategic so that your pets are always only a short distance away from them when thirsty.

If your pets suddenly change their habits or have any health issues, take them to the pet clinic London ON as soon as possible.


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