Anal Skin Rashes In Obese Pets

Obese or overweight pets have difficulty in reaching their bottom areas, therefore, not able to properly groom their tails and back ends. A pet with an unkempt and dirty bum might soon develop rashes that hurt. Without intervention and treatment, these rashes can develop into open sores that are breeding grounds for the development of a bacterial infection. The treatment can then be challenging, especially since the issue is already complex, to begin with. The location of the sores also contributes to the difficulty.

This issue might also happen with cats that have long hair, or with dogs that have diarrhea and as a result, have bums that are dirt with fecal matter stuck in the fur in that area. This results in a smelly situation too. Most pet owners just realize the problem once the skin infection and the smell are already very obvious.

Any skin and/or hair coat issue should prompt a visit to your animal hospital Portland, OR.


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