Will A Himalayan Cat Will Make A Good Pet?

Himalayan cats or “himmies” are the results of the Persian and Siamese cat hybrid. It’s no surprise that these cats have long and silky hair coats. The eyes are also bright and colored.

Himalayan cats are medium to large-sized. It is also thick-bodied and has a wide, deep chest. Its big build also results in a rounded abdomen and has sturdy bones. When you touch a Himalayan, you can feel its muscular and solid body. It is not chubby, though. But despite the Himalayan’s large build, she is considered a gentle giant among felines. A Himalayan cat will cherish the attention and affection from her owner. She is also sweet, playful, and has an agreeable personality. Keep in mind, though, that a Himalayan cat is high-maintenance. Her long and silky coat needs daily grooming to maintain its attractive appearance. Furthermore, the Himalayans are playful and only need low exercise. She can entertain herself. Give her some toys to keep her preoccupied and not get into mischief.

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