Three Tips To Be Observed At The Dog Park

Before taking your dog to the park, you should be familiar with some safety tips first. This will also ensure that you and your pet will not be harmed. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

● Make sure that you only bring out your healthy dog. Ensure that your dog is fully vaccinated before going out to meet other dogs. You should also check what age is allowed to get inside the park. Moreover, don’t bring out a female dog in heat so you will not get unwanted attention. The same goes for intact male dogs, you should keep an eye on him, or else he might wander in search of a mate.

● Check your dog accessories first. Don’t bring any harnesses, gear, or anything that can get caught in fences or branches. But always keep the dog’s collar or ID so you can easily identify your pet.

● Leave the toys and kids at home. Bringing some toys to the park might cause other dogs to get jealous. You might not be able to keep your kid away from other unfriendly dogs in the park.

Before taking your dog on outdoor excursions, make sure that your pet’s preventatives and vaccinations are up to date. Contact your vet clinic Ashburn VA to inquire about them.


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