Easy Ways To Help Delay Mental Aging In Cats

If there is one benefit in the advanced veterinary care we have today is that pet cats now have longer lifespans. Currently, a lot more pet cats live over twenty years, with a lot of them still mentally sharp.

One age-related change that happens when a cat advances in years is the decline of her mental health. Even though aging mentally cannot be totally prevented, there are methods to postpone the inevitable.

A pet cat that gets ample mental and physical stimulation can live much longer. Cats that keep active mentally and physically lean towards having better opportunities in postponing Feline Cognitive Dysfunction or FCD from setting in. If you engage your pet with frequent opportunities to play, it will keep her healthy and active. Whichever stage in life your pet cat is in at the moment, physical exercises will keep her motivated. Even much older pets can benefit from playtime. Even inexpensive and simple ones like laser-pointer-chasing, or jumping to catch a feather tied to a string will help in fulfilling your pet cat’s requirements for physical and mental activities.

If you have concerns about your pet’s health and/or behavior, schedule an appointment with your vet clinic Valley Center, KS.


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