Hound Dogs

A hound dog is a hunter’s best friend involving the catching and chasing of game animals. Their acute olfactory and auditory senses place them on top of every other dog breed. Dogs like these also display the temperament and the energy for trailing scent marks even for lengthy distances, along with that game catching and chasing ability.

The two main classifications of hounds are the sighthounds and scenthounds.


Salukis, whippets, greyhounds, and various other sighthound breeds have enhanced vision that allows them to spot game more easily during hunting.


These hounds have very acute olfactory senses, the best above all the dog breeds. Along with hunting, dogs like these are utilized for the detection of illegal drugs, contraband goods, and up to even explosives. Scenthounds can track scent trails no matter if the terrain ahead is very rugged and crosses water bodies. Bloodhounds and beagles are just a couple of the more common scenthound breeds.

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