Why Keep Lights On In Enclosures Of Pet Amphibians And Reptiles

Pet amphibians and reptile keepers know that it is necessary to maintain artificial surroundings as close as possible to the real natural homes of animals like these. One essential aspect that enables this is maintaining the operational status of a night light inside the enclosure of that pet. In addition to enabling you to be able to see your pet even in the evenings, the light will help in the temperature regulation of your pet’s enclosure.

To be able to create and maintain this type of faux environment, you must use a specialty light bulb. This special light source glows very dimly, so dim it does not disrupt your pet’s waking/sleeping cycles while still keeping visibility so you may see your pet. Infrared lamps, black lights, and incandescent lights are some of these special light sources commonly used.

There are also times when temperature abruptly dips inside your pet amphibian’s or reptile’s enclosure and having this special night light can dissipate the undesired effects of sudden temperature changes.

Now, bright lights inside an amphibian’s or reptile’s enclosure must not be used because these types of lights tend to mess with your pet’s natural body rhythms, stressing them out.

Ask your veterinarian Michigan City, IN or visit their site if you happen to have additional concerns or questions regarding the care and well-being of your pet.


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