Weaning your Kittens

Talk with your vet before weaning our kittens from their mother. Your vet can help you develop a timeline from there. Most kittens are weaned around eight to ten weeks of age. You can start the weaning process by removing the kittens from their mother’s presence for small periods of time. Say about five minutes to start with. Over time, increase the time they are away from their mother. When separating them, place the kittens in their own space equipped with their own litter box, food and water. During this time you will also be introducing the kittens to a milk replacer then moistened food and eventually dry food. Don’t start the weaning process too soon. Make sure the mom is with the kittens long enough to teach them a few socialization skills, eating skills, how to use the litter box, etc. For more tips, talk with your Chesapeake, VA veterinarian.


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