Degus Habits That Seem Odd

Degus owners may have thoughts that their pet could be engaging in aggressive habits if they notice the animal starting to nip at other degus’ nails and start chasing one another. Behaviors like these are pretty common should you happen to own more than one degus and they are all kept together in a modest-sized enclosure.

These sorts of behaviors are generally not habits that you need to worry about since the animals are actually engaging in their version of play-fights. This behavior is normally engaged when one of the degus wants to establish a dominant status. You should, however, keep a close watch on what may seem to appear like aggressive tendencies because there could actually be instances where the degus will not get along so much that they will have to be kept in each its own enclosure in separation.

A more serious fight will be different in intensity when compared to just play-fighting. Real fights will often end with injuries to the animals, as opposed to play-fighting where there are almost no injuries. Check with your veterinary clinic Cherry Hill, NJ should you have additional questions or concerns regarding the behaviors displayed by your pet.


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