Effective Grooming Tips For Long-Haired Dogs

If you are used to grooming short-haired dogs, you might be surprised that it is different from long-haired dogs. It is more complex and the frequency of brushing depends on your dog’s hair coat.

Some dogs have long and silky coats. Breeds like Yorkshire terrier, collie, or Afghan hound need constant brushing to keep the coat shiny and luxurious all the time. Use a slicker brush to remove tangles, followed by a bristle brush. Collies and Afghan hounds also need to have the fur around the feet brushed.

On the other hand, some long-haired dogs are frequently matted. For their grooming routine, you need to brush the coat regularly to remove tangles and matting. A slicker brush will ease out the tangles and a bristle brush will keep the hair coat soft. As a last resort, you can clip the dense hair coat to remove the matting. Be careful not to touch the skin.

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