Poor Appetite In Cats

There are cats that take being a finicky eater to a higher level. But then there also times when a health issue is manifested by a not-so-healthy appetite. Keep in mind that your cat could develop critical problems with her liver if there is no ample food eaten even for just a couple of days.

At the moment that you see your cat’s appetite decline, invest in additional efforts to get her to eat. If you are in the process of switching her to a new pet food type or brand, take a closer look at the new food’s ingredients. There could be something in there that your cat is super sensitive to or could not tolerate.

There are also some cats that have this aversion to certain food types, particularly ones which in the past, they have had not so good experiences with, like being fed forcefully while ill with a specific food type, or perhaps being stuck with this specific food type for a very long period.

For additional information regarding your pet’s nutritional requirements, check with your veterinary clinic Anderson, IN.


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