Spraying In Cats

Cats have this behavior called spraying, and it is normal. There are, however, a number of cat parents that can find the habit annoying. Most cats are able to beat this behavior down, but then they could revert if they are stressed out too much. The spraying behavior is a scent-based method of communicating with other cats. Marking territory with a quick spray of urine means that your cat is announcing his standing in your home’s social structure, declaring sexual availability, and/or showing his frustration. Cats do display this behavior if under heavy stress. 

Female cats in heat and male cats that are intact are the ones that normally display the spray behavior. To avoid this issue, the best method remains to be getting your pet neutered or spayed. A lot of cats have ceased in engaging this behavior in about 10-14 days post-surgery. There is a small subset of female and male cats that seem to continuously display the spraying habit, but your vet can help you to address the problem with their recommendation of proven remedies. 

Your veterinarians Shreveport LA is a valuable resource when it comes to your pet’s health and/or behavior.


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