Window Seats for Cats Like American Bobtails

If you’ve owned a cat or been around them then you may already know that felines tend to enjoy basking in the sun whether it’s from a chair, the floor or on a window sill. A lot of cats like to sit at the window and look out watching birds and other creatures. If you don’t have windows with big enough window sills for your bobtail to sit own then you may want to invest in a window sea. Yes, there are actual window seats for cat that have been designed to fit right on your window. These cat window seats are actually cat beds that hang from your window by suction cups. These beds offer your cat a soft place to lounge on directly in front of the window! You may want to try ‘Window perches’ that can also be mounted to the window sill and wall below the window. Contact your veterinarians Rochester NY for more tips. 


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