Trimming Your Cat’s Claws

Giving your cat a once-per-month claw trim can be beneficial to her nails and her scratching behaviors. So that you avoid and issues and accidents, it is recommended that you employ the assistance of another person when you trim your cat’s claws.

If your kitty dislikes getting her claws trimmed, try wrapping a towel around him as a restraining method, then expose her paws from the wrap one by one.

Avoid hitting what is called the “quick” when you trim your cat’s claws. The “quick” is the triangle-shaped section of the nail that houses the blood vessels and nerves. If you are not careful and accidentally hit the “quick”, it will result in bleeding and pain.

As you hold your cat’s paw, press on her toe pad, and the claw gets pushed out. Cut vertically, never diagonally so that you avoid split nails.

Should you have doubts regarding proper claw trimming procedures, ask your veterinarian Dallas, GA to demonstrate how to do it. Click here to learn more.


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