Hairballs And How To Protect Your Cat From Getting Them

Cats tend to form hairballs inside the stomach due to their grooming behaviors. Even though a lot of the swallowed hairs are expelled through the fecal route, some can still clump together in the digestive tract, thus becoming a blockage to food traversing that tract.

Below are some methods in helping your cat in preventing hairballs from forming inside their tummy:

●Brush your cat’s hair coat daily.

Daily brushing is the least expensive method in preventing your cat from ingesting loose fur when she grooms herself. A variety of brushes and combs are available commercially. Cats, even the long-haired finicky groomers that they are, have everything to gain from regular coat brushing.

●Dry food products for your cat.

Some kitty kibble types are created with added fiber that helps promote efficiency in the passage of digested food along the gastrointestinal tract.

●Get your cat some kitty grass.

Try to acquire some kitty grass from your local pet stores. Your cat will love it. Kitty grass is normally available already grown in containers, or your can plant your own if you get seeds. Grass can be a good fiber source.

Frequent hairball episodes exhibited by your pet should warrant an appointment with your pet clinic Carolina Forest, SC


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