Is Your Dog Afraid Of Noise?

Dogs commonly fear loud noises. It could be something specific like trains, thunderstorms, loud music, and other such similar sounds, or dogs could also be afraid of any generic loud noise.

Fearing People

If your pet dog does not go through socialization properly while still a young puppy, he may learn to fear strange people. Teaching your puppy proper socialization will expose him to different people types and this will help him not to be too fearful as he grows older.

Your dog could also learn to associate being fearful with one specific person even if it is not that actual person that causes the bad experience or pain. As an example, consider a dog that steps on some object that causes injury to his leg, and there is a person that is just by chance nearby as it happens. The dog could associate that person with the injury, thus developing a fear.

Behavioral issues displayed by your pet should be brought to the attention of your veterinarian Farmers Branch, TX.


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