Different Ways to Test Blood Sugar in Cats Like the Japanese Bobtail

Monitoring your diabetic cat’s blood sugar levels on a routine basis either at the vet or at home is part of overall health and wellness for felines with diabetes. Ask your vet about the best monitoring devices to use. You should also ask your vet to show you how to test your bobtail’s blood. In general, one of the best ways to check your Japanese Bobtail’s blood sugar level is by using a handheld glucometer. A handheld glucometer is designed to be used by people, but many pet owners use these for their pets because they are significantly cheaper than pet meters. Handheld glucometers can be bought at most pharmacy stores. Always compare your Shorthair’s meter results with the vet’s results to ensure your meter is working correctly. If you need additional tips for using the glucometer or taking a blood sample from your cat call your pet clinic Louisville KY.


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