How To Prepare Your Pet Tortoise For Hibernation

In reality, not all tortoises need to hibernate during winter. For one, tropical species of tortoise do not hibernate. But for other species, they only need to hibernate when they will breed. Finally, tortoises that are ill or below the required weight should also not hibernate. 

For reference, these species usually hibernate-- Hermann’s tortoise, Spur Thighed Tortoise, Marginated tortoise, and Horsfield's tortoise. If you are caring for any of these particular species, make sure that they need to hibernate.

Before your pet goes into hibernation, check first if it is healthy and of the weight. Several months before hibernation, you should start giving fresh leaves and vegetables to your pet. These contain the essential nutrients that your pet will need. You can also add vitamin supplements such as calcium and vitamin D3.

Your pet tortoise might also need to store enough fat. so you should add more calories to the meal. Beginning August, you should check your pet’s condition to see if it can withstand the period of hibernation. It will generally eat more until the end of the season. 

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