Cats Treats Should Always Be Given In Moderation

If you use cat treats to reward your kitty's behavior, you might want to consider its effects. Cat treats have calories. And if you give a lot to your cat, you could be giving her extra weight. You might think that giving cat treats is a way to show affection to your pet. Unfortunately, this may have serious consequences.

Remember that even those cat treats that are marketed as healthy still contain calories. Giving these kinds of treats can increase your cat’s of becoming obese.

An obese cat will have health problems later on. Her vital organs including the heart and kidney may malfunction.

A cat with a sedentary lifestyle has a higher risk of becoming obese. If your cat stays indoors most of the time, try to give her physical activities so she will not gain a lot of weight. If you want to modify your pet’s diet, you can ask the vet Lakewood Ranch, FL for more advice. 


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