Things About Dogs That Might Interest You

You may share your home and your life with your pet dog for quite some time now, or perhaps, even with more than one dog. However, you may still want to continue reading the list below for quite a few more interesting items about your canine friend that may surprise you:

●The sweat glands of a dog are found on their paws, at the very bottom, actually. Therefore, this is the only area of their bodies where they can sweat. Excess body heat is released by panting.

●A dog can show around one hundred varied expressions on his face. Quite a number of them make use of their ears.

●Dogs do not possess an appendix as part of their digestive systems.

●Dogs can vocalize around ten different noises.

●Dalmatians are born without spots, as all-white puppies. Their spots will start to form as they grow.

●Dogs are actually not colorblind. They can perceive shades of blue, gray, yellow, and green. Red, however, is seen by them as grayscale.

●Dogs can detect a sound’s point of origin in around 6/100ths of a second, using their ears as some sort of radar dish.

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