Energetic Englishman - Bedlington Terrier

The Bedlington Terrier is an English breed that can be traced back as far as 1782 when it was first called the Rothbury or Rodbury Terrier. The dogs were bred later on in Bedlington shire, a mining village in England and were given the name Bedlington Terrier in 1870. The dog is quite the athlete. He is light on his feet, spry in movements and as fast as the wind. He has a high energy level and endurance level. He was bred to chase out the rats in the mines, but was also used as a race dog and sporting dog. The Bedlington is also an excellent swimmer rating up there with top swimming breeds like the Newfoundland. As the nickname ‘energetic Englishman’ suggests, this breed is always on the go whether he has a job to do or is frolicking outside in the field. To learn more about this unique terrier breed, contact your North Dallas, TX veterinary clinic.

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