Why Is There A Need To Spend Time Playing With Your Cat

A cat will thrive if you spend ample time playing with her. Activities like these are superb opportunities for mental and physical stimulation, and also for the cat to employ her instinctive natural behaviors. One easy fix to meet your cat’s basic need is to find a same-sex cat of around the same age and level of activity to become your cat’s playmate. But if the acquisition of a second cat is not likely, then you as her owner must be responsible enough to have play moments with your cat two to three times per day at a minimum.

And since cats like to stick to a routine daily, avoid changing the time when you play with her. Each playtime session could be around ten to twenty minutes, depending largely on your cat’s level of activity. Have some toys ready, such as a feather or other objects tied to one tip of a pole, interactive toys that will push your cat to behave much like a normal predator would.

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