Potty Issues Of Pet Cats

Elimination problems are probably the most common reasons why cats are abandoned, euthanized, or relinquished. Fear, stress, or lack of clean, appropriate litter box choices are most often the cause of changes in behavior in terms of defecation and urination habits of your pet cats.

Your cat might be conveying information to you if he suddenly urinates or defecates outside of the litter box. Reasons for this might be because your cat doesn’t want the type of litter, the size of the litter box, where it’s placed, the smell and how dirty it is, or having too many litter box choices. They might also want to say that they are in pain because of a gastrointestinal problem or ain’t feeling well because of a urinary tract infection.

Elimination problems in cats can still be caused by numerous other things and even professionals cannot understand fully the reason behind them. Do not think twice before bringing your cat to a veterinary hospital Columbia, MD if you observe that there are droplets of blood in the box, or if your pet is crying or straining when eliminating, or when he suddenly commits potty issues persistently. Fatal issues can arise in a short period of time if male cats cannot urinate. Read more here.


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