Tips To Improve An Arthritic Dog's Quality Of Life

When joints become inflamed, they can be very painful, and this could be arthritis. Arthritis is more prevalent with dogs in their senior years. And if your dog is afflicted with arthritis, then he needs all the care and the help you can provide so that he can have a good life and enjoy it. Below are some methods to help you help your arthritic dog have a better life:

  • There are arthritic dogs that may have trouble with stability and mobility. Having rugs all throughout the house gives them some traction, preventing dangerous sliding and slipping.
  • Proper canine massage is also able to ease muscles that are sore, a stress reducer, and a good blood pressure reducer. Giving your pet a massage is a nice way of bonding with him, and you can also take the opportunity to examine him for sore spots and lumps.
  • Acupuncture, just as it is with us humans, can aid in boosting and stimulating the pain-relief chemical release of the body. These substances also have properties that relieve inflammation.
  • Aches in sore muscles and joints can be relieved by heating pads.

Your veterinarian Coral Springs, FL can provide more information to address your dog’s health issues.


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