Ringworm Infection In Cats

A ringworm infection is a fungal infection named because of lesions looking like rings are found on an infected animal or human skin. The lesions tend to be very itchy, therefore infected pets will scratch hard, and could make them raw. If not treated properly, hair loss will result.

Aside from getting your pet ringworm treatment, the environment where your pet spends most of her time must also be decontaminated so that the fungus is prevented from spreading further. If you have other pets, get them all treated as they can be carriers, perhaps just asymptomatic.

When decontaminating, isolate your cat inside a carpet-less room, then wash all pieces of clothing that she has come into contact with, also disinfect or destroy bedding, collars, blankets, grooming aids, cat trees, and others. Loose hairs around the environment should be removed with dusting sheets that are disposable, with a vacuum cleaner, or with lint rollers. Pet bedding and fabric must be twice-washed in laundry detergent and cold water. Rugs and draperies must be vacuumed daily in order to stop infected hair from building up. Common home disinfectants, for example, Lysol, could be used, sprayed on floors, vehicles where your cat has been in, windowsills, countertops, and other areas where your cat frequently stays.

Any skin and/or hair coat problem exhibited by your pet should prompt a visit to your vet clinic Salem, VA.


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