Feeding Pet Parakeets

A parakeet will prosper with a lot of attention and love. Being social animals, they do not like being left all by themselves. And since they are monogamous, they will mate for life. But in case of the partner’s death, they will try to seek out another mate. With gentle temperaments, they make ideal pet birds for a family with children, as they also make great pets to start off kids.

It may be a smart idea to acquire a second parakeet if you already own one, but you work daily. This is so your pet can have company.

Pet parakeets will need fresh water and food daily. Experts will advise that bird pellets offered to your pet is the best method of ensuring proper nutrition because a diet composed only of bird seed does not have the important nutrients that your bird needs daily. There are, however, mixed seed diets that can be offered to give some assortment to their everyday diets, with fresh vegetables and fruits as well. Cuttlebones can be excellent additional sources of calcium while also keeping your pet bird’s bill well-trimmed. Be sure to avoid giving your pet some rhubarb, avocado, cherry pits, or apple seeds as these have toxic substances. Food that is not eaten for several hours has to be removed to avoid soiling.

Any sign of illness exhibited by your pet should require a visit to your vet hospital Oshawa, ON


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