Keeping Your Pet Rat Safe Outside The Cage

Rats like chewing on things. And since they do need some time spent outside the enclosure to interact and have some mental and physical exercise, ensure that the area has gone through extensive rat-proofing so that untoward incidents are prevented.

As soon as the rat is taken out of the cage, expect him to explore every space, cranny, and nook, scurrying around the room. These instances are when the rat uses his nose and teeth to explore and investigate things, possibly even chewing on something, anything that may catch his interest.

Any item that can be dangerous to your pet or a valuable item you would like to keep undamaged must be taken beyond your pet rat’s reach. Any carpet corners that are loose must be secured first, therefore a carpet-less room that has a floor of hard material is the better option here. If there are any exposed electrical cables, they should be enclosed in a tough casing or otherwise secured away from the pet to prevent him from chewing them up. Try keeping your pet rat occupied with toys that are safe for rats so that he won’t pick on items that have to be left alone.

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