Factors That Fuel Destructive Behavior In Dogs

Your dog developing destructive behavior could be the result of you, the pet owner, unwittingly reinforcing certain undesirable behaviors. Here are three of the top behaviors:

  • Play behavior

Dogs will spend their day mostly playing and doing behaviors that come naturally to dogs, like chewing, digging, and perhaps shaking toys or other objects. This is generally common with puppies while they are exploring their surroundings. This is also seen in young dogs that are not supervised or when there is no activity to channel their play behavior.

  • Behavior that gets your attention

There are owners that may inadvertently pay attention to their pets the most if that pet does something naughty. Eventually, the dog will equate that naughty behavior with attention, thinking that it is reinforcement. After all, attention, any attention, even negative, would be preferable to not getting any attention.

  • Investigating, exploring, and discovering their surroundings

Dogs are inquisitive animals, and their exploration and investigation of their environment can sometimes unintentionally ruin or damage household items. They sometimes paw on objects, or perhaps even chew on them. There are dogs who would carry objects with their mouths like playing fetch. This usually happens when dogs are without any supervision for a considerable period.

Your veterinarian Scottsdale, AZ can assist you in addressing problem behaviors exhibited by your pet.


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