How Much Is the Daily Caloric Needs Of Cats?

The calorie amounts that your cat needs to consume in a day will depend on different factors, like your cat’s activity level, size, and age. Much like humans, there are petite cats, and there are ones that are bulkier and heavier. Therefore, always keep in mind to adjust your cat’s diet ration to better accommodate her specific needs. 

Generally speaking, the caloric requirements that your cat needs in a day will vary depending on which stage of life she is in. Since they are still growing, young cats and kittens could need up to perhaps 275 calories in a day. An adult cat might need around 200 to 300 calories in a day, with other factors to consider being her activity levels and body build. If a cat becomes overweight and needs to be put on a diet with calorie restrictions, around 180-200 calories in a day would probably be just about enough, but will ultimately depend on your vet’s advice. 

If you have concerns about your pet’s diet and/or eating habits, visit this site, or consult your vet Sharon, ON. 


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