Cleaning Your Chinchilla

Chinchillas are desert-dwelling creatures. Thus they don’t like water baths and would prefer dust baths instead. You could really frighten your chinchilla if you try to submerge him in water. Chinchilla sand is coarse sand that won’t create dust that could cause respiratory issues. You can buy chinchilla sand from most reputable pet stores or online. You can use a chinchilla dust bath or a shallow plastic container. Pour about an inch or two of the chinchilla sand into the container. Place the dust bath into your pet’s enclosure. He might jump right in and roll around. Remove the dust bath after about fifteen minutes. Otherwise your chinchilla might use it as a litter box. Try again another time and eventually your chinchilla will learn to use and enjoy the dust bath. Offer the bath several times a week to keep your chinchilla clean and shiny. Contact your Matthews, NC vet to learn more.


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