Malnutrition In Cats

If a cat is not fed a balanced and complete diet or if she is fussy about her food, then this could lead to malnourishment. Below are some ways on how to resolve this issue and keep your pet in her ideal weight:

  • Try heating your cat’s food using the microwave even for less than a minute just to make the flavors pop and make it more appetizing for your pet.
  • Try not to make sudden changes to the food your pet is used to eating. If it is really a must to make a change, have it done gradually, giving your cat ample time to adjust to the new diet.
  • Be thorough enough with the components of the pet food. If you see your pet reacting negatively to the food, they could be overly sensitive to one or more ingredients so check the label.
  • Avoid picking sub-standard food over premium pet food. The cheaper varieties may contain more fillers over real meat components.

Should you suspect that your pet is malnourished, click here, or talk to your veterinarian Chesapeake, VA for assistance in addressing this health problem.


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