Using Your Dog's Prey Drive to Your Advantage

In the past, dogs used to live in the wild. The ancestor of today's dogs used to search for prey to survive. Modern dogs still carry this instinct even if they are domesticated.

Dog trainers use this prey drive when training dogs. Instead of using food to reward the dog, they play a game of fetch, catch Frisbees, or stick retrieving. This is a better option because giving food would mean additional calories for the dog. And this will eventually lead to gaining more pounds. On the other hand, playing catch with the dog will reward his good behavior and encourages him to be active.

At home, you can copy this trick. When you are training your dog to come to you when called, you can throw a stick or ball that he can chase when he comes to you. do this only after praising your dog for coming to you. After the training session, you should keep the toy you use to maintain its novelty.

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