Great Benefits of Microchips for Pets

Is your pet outfitted with a microchip? Although there’s nothing wrong with ID tags hanging from your pet’s collar, microchips have several advantages over them. In fact, most pet owners use both at the same time. So, what makes microchips so great?

Microchips cannot be removed by your pet, either by accident or on purpose, the way a collar with tags could be ripped off or chewed away. That means your pet remains identified no matter what, even if they escape unexpectedly or get lost without warning. Another great benefit is that they’re extremely cost-effective. You should only have to purchase one microchip for your pet’s entire lifetime—even if you move or get a new phone number, you can simply update your contact information with the chip company. 

Interested in learning more about microchips? Want to get your pet set up with the proper identification measures they need? Visit this website to set up an appointment with your vet Tipp City, OH. 


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