The “Rumpy” Cat?

Are you familiar with the term ‘rumpy’ cat? The term “rumpy” refers to a cat with no tail such as the Manx or the American Bobtail. The Manx cat is born without a tail while the American Bobtail is born with a bobbed tail or a stub that can be one to four inches in length. On occasion the American Bobtail can be born without a tail making him a “rumpy” cat like the Manx. A “rumpy” riser or a riser is the term given to a cat with small vertebra or cartilage under its fur normally where a tail would be. The term “stumpy” is used to refer to a partial tail that is longer than a stub, but shorter than a regular tail. Cats born without tails are susceptible to various illnesses and spine related conditions that can affect their posture due to the lack of balance from a tail. Learn more from your vet clinic Louisville, CO.  Visit the website.


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