Could An Indoor Cat Experience Hypothermia In Winter?

Abrupt dips in environmental temperature in winter months might be a risk component for cat hypothermia, specifically cats that are allowed to roam the outside work, as they are exposed to weather conditions. 

On the other hand, cats confined indoors are safeguarded from freezing temperatures and are not likely to experience hypothermia. When the temperature outside goes down very low, be sure to keep the indoor temperature warm enough. Check your pet now and then for her behavior as this can tell you about her feelings. Should she feel cold, you will find her seeking out crannies and nooks to keep warm and safe. Also, if you are feeling cold, then your cat must feel the same too. 

Outdoor cats experience a higher probability of developing hypothermia. This is because they are rather exposed to external weather conditions. If an outdoor cat has ample comfortable shelter that can shield them against hypothermia, it will be a big plus. Allow for a small part of the garage or shed to be an outdoor cat’s temporary lodgings in wintertime. It can save her life. 

Hypothermia can result in being a fatal problem that needs to be attended to immediately. Take your pet over to the closest animal clinic Ellicott City, MD right away. More information at this link:


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