When To Switch Your Pet To Adult Food

Most pet owners are asking about transitioning to adult pet food. The common idea is that puppies or kittens can start consuming adult food when they are 9 months or one year old. But this rule does not apply to all pets. 

For instance, some dog breeds are given growth formula longer than other dog breeds. Meanwhile, senior pets are given another diet when they reach seven years old.

Owners should be able to determine when to switch to the next food, to ensure that their pet remains healthy. If the type of food is not given, your pet might miss out on the appropriate nourishment. It might become overweight or obese.

Always choose the premium quality for pet food. This will meet the unique requirement for each life stage.  The right kind of food is specially formulated to meet your pet's needs. 

Ask your vet Washington DC for more information regarding your pet’s nutritional needs. Visit their profile to know more.


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