Facial Itching In Cats - Idiopathic Pruritus

Idiopathic facial pruritus is a more acute form of cat acne that can affect Persian cats.  A waxy, black substance is present on the hair coat and skin of cats that are affected, with a pattern of symmetry observed on the cat’s face, mostly on the chin and around the eyes.  

Treatment for cat acne would involve removing the excessive levels of sebum, thereby preventing secondary bacterial infection and comedones to form.  Your vet might advise certain antibacterial wash formulas that have chlorhexidine being the active ingredient.  The treatment might be sufficient for milder cases, however, in cases where a secondary infection is already observed, the vet could see fit to prescribe a therapy that includes antibiotics or maybe even fungal medication, as dictated by the bacteria culture and other tests for sensitivity.  Always follow the dosage and treatment length instructions as provided by your vet.  Steroids could also be prescribed as a short-term treatment if the case is very severe, and this is for the reduction of the inflammation.

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