The American Bobtail is Full of Surprises

Did you know that the American Bobtail is one of the most sought after cats? This little feline is full of surprises including his highly sensitive and affectionate personality. The breed is also incredibly smart and loves to travel by car even over long distances. In addition, he is one of the most domesticated cats and is also one of the only cats not to have a set pattern, coloring, or coat length. Most notable is the American Bobtail’s naturally bobbed tail that ranges in length from one to four inches. And, like the bobcat, the American Bobtail has two hind legs that are slightly longer than his front legs giving him somewhat of a slant to his posture. The breed itself is generally healthy and an easy keeper. It is also a very loving cat that can make a great companion for people of all ages. Call your vet Marion, IA for more details


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