Ways To Protect Your Dog Against Canine Influenza (Dog Flu)

Canine influenza happens to be an extremely contagious infection in dogs, sometimes in cats too. Afflicted dogs release the virus via their nose secretions most especially in the illness’s incubation period, that is, when there are still no obvious symptoms seen. There is a high chance that all dogs exposed to this virus will also get infected. With a less than ten percent death rate, this dog flu might not be very deadly to most dogs, but a majority of the infected will get flu-like symptoms between two to three weeks until recovery. 

If a dog displays any symptoms of the infection, quarantine him immediately. The same goes for ones that have come into contact with the sick dog or even just suspected to be exposed. A one to three-week isolation is usually enough but still check with your vet for recommendations. Now, humans can transmit the infection too. For example, if you handle a dog that is infected, be sure to thoroughly wash hands with water and soap. Beddings, toys, kennels, and the other objects that a dog might use also have to be disinfected and washed. 

Fortunately, the usual home disinfectants can destroy influenza viruses, therefore try to keep sanitized and hygienic. 

Check with your vet clinic Columbia, MD if there is any vaccine that can safeguard your pet from the dog flu. Read more here.


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