The Basset Hound

If you’re looking for a loveable canine friend that will get along with you and your children then you may want to check out the Basset Hound breed. These particular dogs are most famous for their big eyes, long ears, and large noses. They’re also known to be on the lazy side. Basset hounds are loving, loyal, affectionate, and of a sweet temperament. They get along with people of all ages including children. Another recognized trait in the Basset hound is its short legs and dense bone structure. Basset hounds are not swimmers. In fact, because of their size and dense bones they would actually sink like a stone if placed in deep water. Originating in France, the Basset hound was bred to hunt and is a member of the hound family. They can be stubborn to train, but are otherwise an easy to keep breed. Call your veterinarians Mesa, AZ for more information


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