Neat Facts About the American Bobtail

Contrary to popular belief, cats can be very loving, playful, affectionate companions, but you might be surprised at how many felines actually fit that profile. For instance, the American Bobtail is best known for his naturally bobbed tail and his affectionate temperament. This special feline has an exceptional relationship with people of just about all ages. In fact, the American Bobtail is often used as a psychotherapy cat because he is highly sensitive to people under stress. The bobtail’s sensitive nature also makes him a great companion for the elderly and even children. The American Bobtail can adapt to just about any type of environment. He loves attention, doesn’t mind being handled, and is even OK with some alone time now and again. Does this sound like the cat for you? If so, consult with your veterinarians Roanoke, VA for more information about the American Bobtail breed. 


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