What to Know About the Australian Shepherd

There are lots of interesting facts about the Australian Shepherd. For instance, this canine didn’t originate in Australia. The Aussie, as it is often called, most likely originated in Europe. The breed was brought to the U.S. in the early days via Australia where it spent time herding cattle, sheep and other livestock. The dog was bred with other working dogs in the U.S. and became what is known today as the Australian Shepherd. The Native Americans called the Aussie the “Ghost Eye” dog because of the various color patterns of the Aussie’s eyes. Most Aussie eyes are blue, brown, or amber. However, some dogs have two eyes of different colors while others have eyes that are split colors or color swirled. Over time, the Aussie actually became famous for his performance as a trick dog in rodeos. The Aussie is very smart and easy to train. Call your animal hospital Wake Forest, NC for more detail.

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