Facts About the Australian Cattle Dog

The Australian Cattle Dog is a favorite breed among celebrities like Mel Gibson, Matthew McConaughey, and country music singer George Strait. The popular breed is highly energetic and playful. If you spend a lot time outdoors hiking, or on the go then this breed may be a great match for you. In addition, the Australian Cattle Dog is a loyal, loving, affectionate, and extremely dedicated companion. They are also high intelligent and easy to train. Crossed with a Blue Merle Collie and the Australian Dingo, the Australian Cattle Dog is designed to work long hours driving cattle and other livestock across rugged terrain. The breed is built tough with very few health concerns other than deafness and blindness in older dogs. They require little grooming and lots of love! Click here to learn more about the Australian Cattle dog or give your veterinarian Wake Forest, NC a call. 


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