Australian Shepherd Upkeep

Looking for a canine companion that doesn’t require much upkeep? Sadly, the Australian Shepherd is probably not the canine for you unless you’re willing to change your stance on upkeep. Here’s why. The Aussie can be tough, independent dogs but they do require a bit of maintenance especially in the exercise department. This breed is athletic and extremely energetic. He requires exercise on a routine basis. Adequate exercise should consist of two to three hours of vigorous exercise daily. In addition, the Aussie has a dense coat that can keep him warm or provide a cooling system in the heat. The coat must be brushed regularly to keep it healthy, free of tangles and to help it circulate cool air. The Aussie’s dense coat is also notorious for hiding ticks and other parasites. Consistent grooming is needed to prevent this. Aussies also like to be entertained. They can be destructive if they get bored. Learn more from your local veterinarians Raleigh NC


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