What You May Not Know About Australian Cattle Dogs

If you’re looking to bring an Australian Cattle dog into your home, then there are a few things you may want to know about this breed. First, the Australian Cattle Dog is an extremely energetic dog that needs plenty of space to run and exercise at least two to three times a day. This particular dog is also extremely intelligent and easy to train. If you have an active outdoor lifestyle then this breed would be a great match. The Australian Cattle Dog was bred to herd livestock over rough, rugged terrain for days at a time. The dog can be tough when he has to be, but he’s also a loyal, dedicated, loving and affectionate pup that latches on to his “family” once he gets to know them. Care and upkeep is simple as well. The dog’s double coat that is short and requires little grooming. Learn more from your professional vet Derby.


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