Allergy Treatment In Pets

Allergic reactions in pets are managed in two common ways. The first method is preventing the exposure of the pet to the possible allergen, and the other one is to medicate with anti-allergy drugs to control the allergic response.

If your dog has a food allergy, then you will need to determine which specific component could be the cause of the reaction. You may need to have your pet take the elimination diet to better isolate the allergen, or perhaps the vet may give a recommended prescription diet. And for the other side, cats that have atopy are susceptible to pollen and dust, and these are airborne and widespread throughout the environment. Exposure prevention to these environmental causes is nigh impossible, so atopic cats are usually prescribed medication to counter the allergic reflex. Corticosteroids and antihistamines comprise these medications. Be warned, however, that the medications mentioned do have side effects, so make sure to use them according to the application and dosage instructions as provided by the animal hospital Salisbury, NC.


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