Trimming Your Himalayan Rabbit’s Nails

Did you know that trimming your Himalayan rabbit’s nails is part of his overall health and wellness? If your Himalayan lives indoors then you will most likely need to trim his nails on a routine basis. Outside rabbits tend to wear their nails down on concrete surfaces and other hard pavements, which is a natural way to trim the nails. If you’re not sure how to trim your Himalayan’s nails just call your vet and ask for advice. It is important to keep your rabbit’s nails trimmed so that the nail will not snag on something in the home or grow so long that it grows into the rabbit’s foot causing great discomfort. The best way to trim your rabbit’s nails is to have someone hold him down. Next, identify the quick or vein on your rabbit’s nail. You will want to trim just above it. Be patient and take your time. Click here to learn more from your animal hospital Aurora, CO.


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