Dog Blanket Denier for Sheltie Dog Blankets

Dog blankets come in a variety of colors, weights, fills, and denier.If you’re looking for more durable outdoor blankets for dogs like the Sheltie then you may want to look in equine tack shops, grain stores and outdoor stores. The weight or fill describes the thickness of the blanket. The denier; however, describes the durability of the blanket. For instance, the denier is the measure of the nylon fiber density in the blanket, which varies from blanket to blanket. A blanket with a 200D means a 200 denier and indicates the blanket is more durable than a blanket with a 100D. If your Sheltie likes to play rough then you may want to consider a stronger denier. For older, less active dogs, you may do well with a lower denier. If you’re not sure if your Sheltie even needs a blanket just give ask your vets Aurora, CO for assistance or visit the website.


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